Foot Massage/Reflexology

Reflexology is a branch of Chinese Medicine. Foot Massage/Reflexology is based on the principal that there are reflex zones on your feet that relate to all organs of your body. Through this therapeutic process, we will apply pressure to these predefined reflex zones on your feet. This pressure will stimulate the nerves in your body which will relieve tension, improve healing, increase blood circulation and help promote the natural function of the related areas of the body.

Foot Massage/Reflexology

A welcome treat for tired feet. Enjoy an herbal foot soak with massage/reflexology. Your hands, neck and shoulders get ample attention too.

Available in 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions.

DELUXE Foot Massage/Reflexology

With hot stone and paraffin treatments. We begin with a relaxing herbal foot soak and gentle massage of hands, arms, shoulders, neck and scalp. Your foot massage follows, then a warm paraffin dip to smooth your feet, a back massage, and the comfort of warm towels complete this soothing journey.

Available in 60 minute sessions.


Combines the very best of our treatments plus an extra ten minutes to enjoy them. Along with the additional time, Heavenly Footopia provides all the features of Deluxe (above) plus a fragrant exfoliating sugar scrub. When you're ready to let your feet know just how much you appreciate them, this is the ultimate way to do it.

Available in 70 minute sessions.

VIP Private Room Available. Couples Receive Complimentary VIP Room When Available.

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Step into a softly lit oasis with oversized, reclining loungers. Settle in. Lean back. Close your eyes and turn your feet, neck and shoulders over to a skilled and intuitive massage therapist. This is your hour, your space, your time to cherish Footopia.

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